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Carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaner
User manual
Upholstery brush tool
Removable tool caddy

Fee: £ 15.00 for 7 days

A deposit of £ 40.00 is due when this item is borrowed.

Condition: A - As new
Brand: Rug Doctor
Code: 1588
Serial: Model 93170

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner with Upholstery tool for deep cleaning of carpets, high traffic areas, stairs, upholstery and vehicles only.

This item is for domestic, non-excessive use. Please assess your own needs before booking the item.

Please note: If the item is returned damaged or excessively dirty then your deposit will not be returned so that Swansea Library of Things maybe able to afford cleaning, repair or replacement. In some cases, additional charges may be requested to ensure the item is returned to good condition.

Detergent is not supplied.

This item is not available for reservation online. Please contact us.

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