About Swansea Library of Things

Swansea Library of Things is a new low-cost borrowing initiative which aims to help people borrow useful items they may only need for a few jobs. Instead of buying a new item that ends up never being used again, members can pay a small fee to borrow it, use it and return it when they're done with it!

The scheme allows for low-cost borrowing which helps our members from all walks of life, allows people to use stuff that they don't have space to store around their home, and promotes the idea of an environmentally-friendly circular economy where the same items get used multiple times instead of just once. 

All our items are priced at a recommended borrowing amount which we believe to be fair and accessible to most households. However if you are feeling the squeeze on your living costs, do not hesitate to come in and we can sort out an adjusted price for you. We will work with you to make sure the price is as fair as possible.

To find out more about how our library works, check out the 'How it works' page.

This project has been developed by Urban Foundry Ltd. as part of the wider PopUpWales initiative, and is kindly supported by Welsh Government and Swansea Council.